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Fantastic Underrated Books

There are so many books out there with varying amounts of attention by the bookish community. These are my top 10 books underrated books with under 2,000 ratings on goodreads. They are in no particular order, but I hope that you consider giving them a try!

1. The Thing With Feathers by McCall Hoyle 1,381 ratings

This book features Emilie, a sixteen year old with epilepsy attending public school for the first time since she was small. It's a really cute romance and I love the main couple and all of the discussion about Dickenson. There is also a sequel about a different character surviving a hurricane, Meet the Sky, but I definitely prefer this one. Also the covers are beautiful and while I know that has nothing to do with the actual book, I still love it.

2. The Mysterious Case of the Allbright Academy by Diane Stanley 476 ratings

This was my favorite middle grade read for a long time. It's not dark at all but still an interesting concept and mystery. There are so many things at play as the four main characters try to solve the mystery of their new school and how things are not actually always as they seem. It really isn't that hard to follow along with but is still a fun and easy read.

3. I Love I Hate I Miss My Sister by Amelie Sarn 632 ratings

This is the first book on the list that will likely bring tears. It takes place after the death of Sohane's younger sister, with flashbacks and writings discussing the events that lead up to the incident. It's a relatively short read, but really powerful. It deals with both sisters trying to find their own identity, particularly fitting that in with their religious beliefs. It felt really non linear when I was reading it, but still really well put together. It actually is translated from French.

4. What Girls Are Made Of by Elana K. Arnold 1,624 ratings

Okay this book is so strange and yet honestly so good at the exact same time. This is the first line that I really remember because it is something like "When I was fourteen, my mother told me that her love for me is conditional." There's just something about this book that is fascinating as the MC tries to figure out what she wants. It also is the only YA book that I've read with female masturbation and abortion. Fair warning: the worst part of this book is when a dog dies. I feel like I am not doing a good job selling this book but it is definitely worth it.

5. This Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup 411 ratings

I was really surprised that this book only had around 400 ratings. I actually found this book on a list of good disability representation. Jasmine wants to be a radio host but has to balance her dreams with running her household, especially taking care of her little brother with epilepsy. Jasmine is a very interesting character in an interesting situation and I absolutely love her.

6. How to Say I Love You Out Loud by Karole Cozzo 1,214 ratings

This was my absolutely favorite book for a while. It follows Jordyn, a girl who works to discover the person she wants to be, particularly concerning her relationship with her brother with autism. There is a speech and it is absolutely one of my favorite speeches of all time. The changes she undergoes are awesome. I absolutely hate her at the beginning but she grows and develops into an amazing character.

7. The Goodbye Season by Marian Hale 313 ratings

I typically don't read historical fiction, but this one was just honestly so freaking good. This takes place during the Spanish flu epidemic and mixes Mercy's present and hopes for the future with a mystery of the past. Lots of people catch the flu and die but there is definitely a lot going on in this book. For sure worth the read.

8. Who I Kissed by Janet Gurtler 1,319 ratings

This is one of my favorite YA romance authors, and definitely my favorite book of hers because there's multiple things at play here. The main character kisses a boy at a party, who then dies. Sam had a peanut butter sandwich beforehand and everyone believes that it is her fault, since the boy was allergic to peanuts. The book deals mostly with how she copes, but also how other characters act around her is so interesting, especially seeing it through her eyes. A little cheesy for sure, but it's a light and fun read that to me is worth it.

9. Ruby in the Sky by Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo 92 ratings

This one feels like cheating a little bit because it only came out the beginning of the month and I read it on Netgalley, but still, this is absolutely fantastic. You can check out my review here, but the main character, Ruby, is trying to cope with everything on her plate. One of my favorite middle grade reads, that much is for sure.

10. Just for Clicks by Kara McDowell 162 ratings

Another read that makes me kind of feel like I am cheating, since I read it through Netgalley. Its book birthday is actually today so that's probably why it fits on the under 2,000 reads because it is absolutely awesome. You can check out my review here, but it features fraternal twins made famous on their mother's blog.

Okay, so I honestly did not think this was going to work out this well, partially because the "underrated" books I first checked into had so many more ratings than I expected. But I am really happy with the list I ended up with. I think all of these were 4 or 5 star ratings and I at least remembered something about all of them to make it onto this list of great underrated books.

So what are your favorite books with under 2,000 ratings? Once you start looking, you might be fascinated with what you find. I know that I certainly was. Let me know in the comments to recommend me some great books!

Have a great Top Ten Tuesday!
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  1. The Goodbye Season does sound like a good read.

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

    1. It was different from what I typically read but definitely worth a read.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. This Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup should be a difficult read. I would love to read it as I do not came across many books with proper disability representation.

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. There are a couple of really sad scenes in there but I believe it has a happy ending. I forgot to put that Jasmine's love interest also has epilepsy so it's definitely interesting.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. All new to me books in your TTT post this week!!

    Here's a link to my TTT post:

    1. Yeah this was definitely an interesting TTT post. I was trying to find someone who posted a book I had actually read and was struggling to find even one.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. I've heard of The Thing with Feathers and Meet the Sky, but I haven't read them. Happy to hear you really enjoyed the former! :) And I love what you said here: "The covers are beautiful and while I know that has nothing to do with the actual book, I still love it." I'm totally the same way! Beautiful covers are so hard to resist and definitely complete the package for a great story. :) I'm thinking of Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch, which I just finished, and Love & Gelato!


    1. Meet the Sky is pretty good as well but definitely really different. And I figure judging books by their covers has to be okay if they are beautiful. I haven't read either of those but their covers definitely look gorgeous. Pretty enough and the synopsis interesting enough they may warrant a read.

      Thanks for commenting!


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