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Fictional Travel Destinations

Top Ten Tuesday prompts are posted by That Artsy Reader Girl
This week's Top Ten Tuesday is about places in books I'd like to visit. I struggled coming up with ten, probably because I love dystopian novels but wouldn't want to visit the world despite loving the book. Also, I contemplated a few fantasy worlds (like that in Reign of Shadows) that I probably would not survive a vist to. Still, I was able to come up with a list of five-ish, all of which are fantasy worlds that I think would be really cool places to be able to visit.

1. Camp Half Blood

The Percy Jackson and the Olympian series was the first "big kid" series that I fell in love with and I still love the first five books today. It would be amazing to get a chance to visit Camp Half Blood. Like, I know the basics of how it works, but it would be so cool to be able to experience everything firsthand. All of the cabins look different and it would be so cool to see that little hodgepodge collection of unique cabins. I love so many of the characters too and it would be amazing to get a change to meet so many of them.

2. Oz/ The Nome King's Kingdom

Ozma of Oz is my favorite Oz book and the Nome King's Kingdom is so awesomely described. I probably would freak out to actually be able to see all of this stuff. I left Oz in general though because the Oz of the books is absolutely amazing. I wouldn't be able to hit all of the spots highlighted in the books (and probably wouldn't want to) but still I would love to hit the highlights. My uncle collected the books when he was little and gave them to my sister who read the first one to me because I was terrified by the movie when I was three and didn't want to read the series. Still, I am glad I did because I have found memories of many of these books.

3. Hogwarts

If everything from Pottermore is not included and nothing that JK Rowling said is true, then it would be absolutely amazing to visit here, to see what this magic school is really all about. If anything else is canon then no thank you though. I think my entire trip would be ruined then by thinking about how wizards just pooped all over the castle and magicked it away. Where does it go? Basically, all the extra canon stuff is very disturbing and I want no part of any of it. I love the Hogwarts that is described in the books, but honestly, it would be terrifying to actually attend there. A visit would be awesome though. I couldn't just exclude this one.

4. and 5. Land of Stories

Tom Trueheart or (The Wishing Spell or pretty much any cool fairy tale land that isn't dark and I wouldn't die in)

Seriously though, I would definitely be happy going to any safe fairy tale land. I ended up choosing the Land of Stories from Tom Trueheart books as my one major example though because these books were so cool to me. I think technically this might be my first fanfiction because book three of the trilogy was never published in the US and book two ends on a major spoiler. I still haven't been able to read book three (not like I'm salty about that still or anything). This world is really neat and also unique for a land of stories in that Tom is from the world and also just an average guy. He exists within the world and doesn't find this whole new place, though his adventures are definitely excited. I loved the first two books of this trilogy and the shapeshifting.

The Wishing Spell land is very much more traditional and I probably wouldn't die in it, which is definitely preferable for traveling to a place. I have only read the first book, but I definitely need to get on the rest of this middle grade series as well.

So, these are my fictional travel destinations! Would you choose to go to the same places? Is there a series that you never finished because the last book wasn't published in your country even though the book before it ends with a cliffhanger? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yes, Oz would be an exciting place to visit.

    My Top Ten Tuesday post.

    1. Yeah they visit so many places in the entire Baum series (I haven't read the other Oz authors)

      Thanks for commenting!


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